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AirTouch - is the newest technique! It gives you a blend between balayagem, ombre, and heavy babylights. The unique way of air application gives a seamless blend and prevents hair stress in comparison to teasing hair in balayage and ombre techniques. It is perfect for women with easy tangling and fine hair which is heard to comb out after teasing. Choose AirTouch blonding technique if you are looking for a safer and longer-lasting alternative to balayage or abmre. It is also great if you would love to have color dimension on the top of the head and blond at the tips with a seamless transition of gradient in between. 

Balayage vs Foilayage - the largest difference between the two

is how much dimansion and and brightness of blond you are trying to

achieve. Traditional Balayage is created with clay lightener/bleach

and hair pigment is lifted on room temperature without foiling. Foilayage is a complete opposite of Balayage. Stronger lightener/bleach is used to achieve higher level of hair pigment lift and foils are used. Nowdays stylists can creat a hybrid between the two creating endless posabilities of design. Balayage is great for subtle dimension to break through the base color wich gives sunkist affect. 

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